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What are the key parameters of the stepper motor?

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  Key parameters of stepper motor

     1. The  phase number of the stepper motor: refers to the number of coil groups in the motor. Currently, there are two-phase, three-phase, five-phase stepper motors.

     2. Number of beats: The number of pulses or the number of conduction states required to complete the periodic change of the magnetic field, expressed in m, or the number of pulses required for the motor to rotate the pitch angle.

     3. Holding torque: refers to the moment when the stator locks the rotor when the stepper motor is energized but does not rotate.

     4. Step angle: matched to the pulse signal, the angular displacement of the rotor of the motor.

     5. Positioning torque: The locking torque of the motor rotor itself when the motor is not energized.

     6. Loss of step: The number of steps the motor starts is not equal to the theoretical number of steps.

     7. Offset angle: The angle of the rotor pinion offsets the axis of the stator teeth. The motor must have an offset angle when it is running. The subdivision driver does not address the error caused by the offset angle.

     8. Characteristics of Operating Torque Frequency : A plot of measured torque versus motor frequency measured under some test conditions.


What are the key parameters of the stepper motor?


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