Advantages of the R60X3 three-axis stepper drive

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  The R60X3 three-axis stepper drive is a new three-in-one drive developed by Rtelligent, which can independently drive three two-phase/three-phase stepper motors below 60 seats. The three-axis subdivision and current are independently adjustable.

  Axle platform equipment often has the need to reduce space and save costs.


Diagram of R60X3 three-axis stepper drive

  Diagram of R60X3 three-axis stepper drive

  This is the first three-axis special drive in China. This drive has been well received by new and old customers since its production.

  Simple design, low energy consumption, strong heat dissipation

  With new materials, thermal conductivity is better.

  It is compatible with 3.3-24 volts, and the compatibility is strong. The most important thing is that PLC application does not need to connect series resistors, which saves customers a lot of time. This kind of driver controls the driving of three stepping motors in the industry. Enterprises do not have the strength to develop such a drive. As everyone knows, the drive is the brain that controls the motor. With a good controller, you can take the motor to the extreme, so that you can win more benefits for your customers. The price of this drive is also the factory direct selling price. Since its establishment, Rite Electromechanical has been adhering to the tenet of “the quality of the first-line brand and the price of the second-line brand” and has consistently implemented it.

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