Rtelligent Electromechanical Analysis of the Causes of Burn

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  Is there any burnout in the “stepper motor driver”? The answer is possible. Next, the following professional stepper driver manufacturer, Rtelligent Electromechanical Co., Ltd. analyzed the problem and learned about the burnout of the stepper motor driver under the popular science,for reference.

  It is well known that stepper motors typically have a rated current, such as 1A. If a 2A current is passed for a long time, the motor will overheat and burn out for a long time. View the matching current of the motor and the output current set by the driver. It is best to measure the output current of the driver. The professional stepper driver manufacturer, Rtelligent Electromechanical, explains why the stepper motor driver burned out and hopes to help you.

  There are two main reasons why a stepper motor driver burns out. One is an environmental cause, the other is a human factor.

  Environmental factors: Environmental factors are caused by short circuits - may be caused by dust, static electricity or water ingress, causing the stepper motor driver to burn out.




  Professional stepper driver manufacturer Rtelligent Electromechanical talk about man-made reasons: From the details, the DC stepper motor driver will burn out in the case of positive and negative reversal; the AC stepper motor driver does not have this statement. In addition, the quality of the drive itself, the components will generate heat due to the current, leading to prolonged aging, resulting in burnout.

  Professional stepper drive manufacturer Rtelligent Electromechanical stepper motor driver set drive alarm function on the drive, drive overvoltage, power input overvoltage, driver overcurrent, driver internal voltage error, power input undervoltage and back EMF when voltage over High and the motor windings are open with a corresponding warning condition. The driver is also insured when the motor is protected.

  The above is the full content of "stepper motor driver burnout cause and analysis" brought by professional stepper driver manufacturer Rtelligent Electromechanical. I hope to be helpful.

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