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35mm Series 2 Phase Stepper Motor

  •   Place of Origin:         Guangdong China (Mainland)

      Brand Name:             Rtelligent

      Model:                       35A01

      Number of Poles:         Bipolar

      Rated Torque:           0.07N.M

      Certification:              CE

      Step Acurracy:           ±5%(synchronizing no-load)

      Temperature Rise:     80°CMax

        Ambient Temperature:  -20°C~+50°C Voltage

      Insulation Resistance: 100MΩmin.500VDC

      Voltage Resistance:  500V AC for one minute

         Radial runout:              0.06Max.(450g-load)

      Axial runout:                 0.08Max.(450g-load)

      Application:Engraving machine laser machine CNC machine tool textile and garment machinery medical equipment measuring equipment etc.

  • support hotline:0755-29503086
  • Product Details

Technical specifications


Model Step angle (°) Holding torque (N.m) Rated current
Phase inductance (mH) Phase resistance
Number of lead Rotor inertia
Motor weight (Kg) Motor body length  L(mm)
35A01 1.8 0.07 0.4 16 35 4 12 0.14 26

Overall dimensions of 35 series

Overall dimensions of 35 seriesa


Connection diagram of 35 series
Connection diagram of 35 series

advisory:35mm Series 2 Phase Stepper Motor