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60mm Series Stepper Servo Motor

  •   Rtelligent 60 series stepper servo motor is designed based on the Cz optimized magnetic circuit and adopts stator and rotator materials of high magnetic density featuring high energy efficiency.

      A built-in high-resolution encoder

         Light size design reducing the motor installation space

      Optional brake and the matched Z axis moves

      Rtelligent provides stepper servo motors with bases of 42mm 57mm 60mm and 86mm. By default the position sensor is a 1000 line resolution incremental photoelectric encoder.

  • support hotline:0755-29503086
  • Product Details

Technical specifications

Model Phase number Step angle (°) Holding torque (N.m) Rated current (A) Phase inductance (mH) Phase resistance
Number of lead Rotor inertia
Shaft diameter (mm) Encoder resolution Motor body length L(mm)
60A2EC 2 1.8 1.6 4.2 1.5 0.4 4 380 8 100 83
60A3EC 2 1.8 3 5 1.8 0.45 4 690 8 1000 108

Overall dimensions of 60 series stepper servo motor

Overall dimensions of 60 series stepper servo motor

advisory:60mm Series Stepper Servo Motor