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R60-IR Potentiometer Speed-control Switch Driver

  •   R60-IR refers to the potentiometer speed-control switch drive

      The potentiometer can regulate the rotation speed of the motor and switch speed at any time.

      Control mode: IN1 and IN2 are connected to the starting and reversing signals ENA connected to the potentiometer speed controller

      Signal level: The switch is 3.3-24V effective

      Specification of potentiometer: 10-100KΩ

      Features of switch stepper and general speed-control motors

      1.Speed of the switch speed-control stepper motor is precise

      Speed of the general speed-control motor is fluctuant

      2.The switch speed-control stepper motor is provided with S-shape acceleration/deceleration enabling a steady start- stop.

      The general speed-control motor shakes greatly at the time of start/stop due to lack of acceleration/deceleration

      3.The switch speed-control stepper motor operates in a low noise

      The general speed-control motor operates in a great noise

      4.The switch speed-control stepper motor has static locking force

      The general speed-control motor is without static locking force resulting in an unstable halted state

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Schematic connection diagram Schematic connection diagram

Schematic connection diagram 

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